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Rudolf Gräfe got his training in high precision mechanics at the end of the 30's, in Carl Zeiss (Jena - Germany).

The harshness that he won during this period, mixed with a serious professional experience in serveral companies leads to the creation of GRÄFE in 1961.

Step by step, the company has implemented the necessary means to enable a mastery, still more efficient, especially for the production and for the control.

In the same perpective of quality, the company was taken over in 1992 by Philippe and Paul Gräfe, sons of Rudolf Gräfe.


GRÄFE concentrates its efforts on the machining of complex pieces of precision, for small and intermediate series.

At present, GRÄFE is present in many fields (such as aeronautics, space, chemistry, railway transport, automobile field, etc.) as a proof of its technical potential.


The perspective of GRÄFE will always be the same, namely:

- satisfy the customer with:

  * quality,
  * delivery date,
  * flexibility,
  * listening,
  * search of the lowest cost;

- invest in the state-of-the-art technologies.

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