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The satisfaction of the customers' requirements is regarded as the major concern of the company.

The meticulous inspection of the produced parts is the very first evidence, what involves performing inspection tools (for example a 3-D measuring machine) installed in a air-conditioned area.


Investments of technological nature are not the only developments registered to the company historical account since its creation.

So, the will for ISO 9001 certification has been essential within the "Quality" logic of the company. In the early 2001, the company undertook the first steps in that way.

In order to win this new challenge, the company has counted on capable organisations that have contributed successfully to the implementation of a quality system in accordance with the international standard.

The efforts made particularly in a customised training cycle led to the ISO 9001 certification in January 2004.

The next step in the Quality System of the company will be the EN9100 certification, foreseen for the next years.

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